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The Levitical Food Laws Newletter
Title: The Levitical Food Laws Newletter
Date: January 2008

Society is focused on losing weight by dieting. Do diets really work? NO! Here's why... The average American had been on at least ten different diet plans by the age of thirty. These weight loss plans may work for the short term but what happens when "they go off the diet"? Weight is regained and typically to a higher weight than at the start of the diet. So what's the answer to weight loss? Well let's turn to the oldest instruction manual known to man about how we are supposed to eat. You have heard of the author. HE is the ONE who made these bodies. That manual is the BIBLE, King James Version.

Turn to Leviticus Chapter 11. This chapter gives details of the foods we are intended to eat. In summary the food laws are:

I. Meats/Fish
Three creatures were created to keep the land and water clean: pork, catfish and buzzard. For some strange reason we have begun consuming two of the three. So a great place to start eating healthy is to avoid pork and catfish. The meats we are to eat are beef, deer (venison), chicken, turkey, quail, dove, goat, lamb.

Eat fish only with scales... crappie, bream, bass, tuna, salmon, etc. No shellfish, shrimp, lobster, oysters, scallops, crawfish, etc.

II. Dairy Products
Cheese, Eggs, & Milk. These three are loaded with concentrated fats so eat egg beaters, fat free milk, and fat free cheese.

III. Oils
Real butter and Olive oil. The saturated oils are deadly(Crisco, lard, etc).

IV. Vegetables
Any and all except Avocados

V. Fruits
Any and all except coconut

VI. Breads
Whole wheats are the best

VII. Sweets
Sweets are OK in moderate amounts unless loaded with saturated fats. Chocolate is loaded with fat so if you must indulge in the dark chocolates.

Serving Sizes
Serving sizes are the size of the palm of the hand.

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